A new iconic element has been born: fake Ray Ban sunglasses. And a choral slogan: "I wear cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet for a better vision of autism." And is that this general developmental disorder (PDD) always appears enveloped by an opaque shadow of ignorance. But Carla's mother, a girl with autism of 8 years, has rebelled and with a gesture of the simplest has turned an initiative into a global and viral challenge, with thousands of followers for the cause of inclusion.

What Carolina Marín, 38 years old, has shown is that you do not have to be a face as well known as Cristiano Ronaldo or have a legion of admirers in your social media accounts so that a struggle can win supportive supporters. She has a curious record: she has already achieved it five times, with proposals launched to fight against the "invisibility" of children with autism. He has filled the Plaza de Callao in Madrid. He also managed to get public figures such as Cristiano Ronaldo and the singers Bebe, Alejandro Sanz and Manuel Carrasco to adhere to the struggle.
But this time it has given the bell. She herself recognizes it, because «I had never had in 24 hours a cell phone full of messages and videos from all over Spain, South America, the United States ...». How did you do it? With a simple cocktail: a powerful message that radiates the pride of a mother who records a video inside a car and hangs it on Facebook. 78,000 reproductions in less than a day, absolute virality in social networks. And an outburst of indignation that rowed in the same direction.
One in every 68 children has autism in the world. They have nothing to do these 50,000 children living in Spain with Nikolas Cruz, the 17-year-old who just caused a massacre at a Florida institute and whose defense lawyer (sic) said that his client "suffered from psychiatric problems, depression and was autistic". When 7,000 kilometers away Carolina Marín, mother of the twins Carla and Daniela, read that news, she could not help but protest in her own way. It was recorded denouncing the mixture without sense of concepts: «If someone had heard that Cruz had psychiatric problems and diabetes, they would have answered that nothing has to do with the other. 

In her vindication video-selfie, Carolina wears fake Ray Bans UK. Within hours, thousands of people have released their own homemade recordings carrying the same accessory and the unitary motto: "For a better vision of autism."
Carolina Marín, sommelier of Madrid, has won the battle for integration from the heart. She tells ABC: "I'm just a mom, I do not ask for money or I'm part of any association; I only say that Carla, who has severe non-verbal autism, the only thing she has with her sister Daniela, which is neurotypical, is that she communicates through other systems, such as pictograms and the bimodal system. There is nothing else".

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