For those of us who live in tropical countries, fake Ray Ban sunglasses become indispensable, as they protect our eyes from strong ultraviolet rays. Although its use is widespread throughout the world, for some as protection, for others as fashion.


Its beginnings go back to the 12th century in China, where they developed a technique to smoke the quartz crystals and used them to make glasses. The judges used them during the trials to hide the eyes and the expression of their face and thus avoid giving clues to the verdict. There are also indications that certain tribes or cultures that lived in the snow, like Eskimos or Inuits, used certain devices to avoid the annoying reflections of the sun in the snow and protect their eyes and eyesight. Today we offer you some curiosities about sunglasses: It was not until 1929 that sunglasses began to be marketed thanks to an American named Sam Foster, who created the Foster Grant brand. Sunglasses reached their peak in the eighties when musicians such as Michael Jackson, Madonna and Bob Dylan used them in their events.

On average, Europeans have 10 pairs of cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. Eye protection is mandatory for mountaineers, skiers and aquatics. If our sunglasses are only dark and do not contain protection against UV rays, we can not protect ourselves from the most common vision disorders. At the Olympic Games in London in 2012, the Oakley lens brand launched a special edition that elegantly combined sport with style. Dolce & Gabbana has the most expensive sunglasses in the world, made with gold and diamond logo with a price of over 383 thousand euros.


In the 30s, Bausch & Lomb was commissioned to create glasses that protect the vision of the pilots. Indeed: that was the germ of the fake Ray Bans Wayfarer and one of its most representative models: the aviators, which were not sold to the non-military public until 1937. $ 250 that is the price for which the glasses were sold on the Internet with Elvis Presley in one of his legendary concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York. Oakley launched in 2004 the first glasses that incorporated a digital music player, while a year later, put on sale the Razwire model that integrated a mobile phone.


Like all fashionable brands, fake Ray Bans glasses are counterfeit and sold at attractive prices on the Internet. In recent days, good plans announcing incredible discounts are multiplying on the Facebook network. 

This fall, the pretext used to justify the false good plan was to support a charity by selling discount glasses. Today, the sales argument explains the attractive prices.


For Luxottica, home of the brand fake Ray Bans UK, difficult to fight effectively against these scams that often find their origin in distant countries. Protection of products with intellectual property, registration of trademarks and patents worldwide, creation of a global control network, in collaboration with specialized local institutions to intercept falsified products ... everything is done to thwart the plans of the counterfeiters. A relentless struggle, but one that can not be 100% effective.